Saturday, 29 December 2012

A Reasonable Amount of Lemons.

I thought I should fit in one last blog before the ending two of 2012 levels up.

 So Christmas came around and turkey slapped us in the face. I swear a few weeks ago it was October and moaning that the Christmas decorations were out before the pumpkins and now... Santa and Rudolf are dieting crazily to get over their varied diet of mince pies and hard liquor. I say that as if its normal to everyone, but maybe it was only in my household where every year Santa would want a glass of whiskey to ease his chimney journeys...  stumbling about the house with presents before a child sees Santa drunkenly snogging the face of their own mother. A nice song but that child is probably dressed festively in white in a mental institution now.

"I saw mummy kissing Santa Clause..."
"Of course you did, now take your medication like a good boy."

I've always been more of a fan of New Year than Christmas, even as a child I was a cynic. I used to get particularly irate about the song "Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer". I never thought it was enough that he got to guide Santa's sleigh, me being one of those rather lonely children, I related to the plight of Rudolf and thought he should get more of a reward than not having to see several other reindeer butts in front of him as they were whipped through the sky. It annoyed me how flippant the other reindeers were, after the approval of Santa, oh how they loved him, how gleeful they all were... Yes, if I was Rudolf, I would have gone down in history, but for the crime of mounting a number of reindeer heads on wooden boards under a banner of "whos laughing and calling names now shitheads!"

. . . . . .

I digress, so now the festive period is over and it is on to the New Year. The first ever blog I posted was about the New Year, I remember saying what a great year 2011 had been. So how does 2012 compare?

It was been much more of a mixture I have to say:

1) I graduated from University, walking out of the venue to "We Are the Champions" being played over the speakers (nice touch Kingston). 

2) After a break up, I re-integrated with friends I never should have left and started attending the legendary Wednesday mid-week pub. (If you can't reach me on a Wednesday past 8... Go to The Elms, I'll be there somewhere).

4) I went to Amsterdam, where a friend and I introduced cheesy chips to the chef of our hotel and two Danish boys, who incidentally kicked our butts at pool. I also realised how lucky I am while I was there. (Forgot that for a while since coming back)

5) I got a job, then they relocated... so lost the job, I signed on, got told I had another job by a manager of a cafe, I signed off, manager tells me I don't actually have the job, sign on again, start volunteering, get a call about an interview, go to the interview, don't get the job... so currently, continuing to volunteer. Which - to actually break my cynicism for a moment - is so rewarding and enjoyable and has renewed my faith in people being decent :)

6) And lastly... I've started to make music a feasible career path... and it is an unbelievably amazing feeling ^_^

Sooo... all in all it has been an interesting year, but I think I prefer interesting to "happy", gives me things to write about, and sing about, so lemon trees should throw the occasional offspring at me from time to time... its good for me.

So to  2013... I wish for a reasonable amount of lemons.

Have a good one cynicisers.


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