Friday, 30 December 2011

And it begins...

I've decided to start a blog, not to contribute any great knowledge to the world but because I enjoy writing and cynicism. They seem to be key ingredients for blog writing.

I am currently home for the university holidays and not going back for a month. One reason I'm creating this blog is due to that old rascal boredom. He often creeps up on me, actually screw that, he normally rugby tackles me to the ground, sits me on the sofa and then places my laptop into my hands. He forces me to play the 8 Ball Pool internet game or look at online comics. When I find one funny I look up to share it and find nobody else is in. I'll then tell one variety of cuddly toy that is sat beside me that "My parents will be home soon!"

Cue looking at the clock...

"only a few hours before Eastenders" I'll proclaim

"but what do I do after that?" I ask myself



Because Wednesday is the day both Eastenders and Coronation Street are not scheduled on television! That is an hour of a day I otherwise would not have to fill.

I do try and be proactive, I look at volunteering vacancies about or other creative writing projects, I PROMISE I don't sit in my pajamas all day like a vegetable to find myself agreeing with Jeremy Kyle and Loose Women. BTW those women should not be loose, replace the first letter of loose with an 'N' and we're getting somewhere.

So, basically this blog is to try and entertain myself and hopefully others while I figure out what to do with days before starting back at university.

Of course when I've started back at university this blog will be full of rants how I have no free time, how I'm having to catch up on Eastenders on ipayer because I spent twelve hours straight on an English Lit essay. An essay where I've read none of the books for it and am relying on summaries and the satanic Wikipedia to get me 2.1 degree.

I shall end this blog with a cheerful anonymous quote I found amusing...

"Health is merely the slowest possible rate at which one can die."

Until next time...

Sheila Lord

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