Tuesday, 3 January 2012

It is 2012... so I've been told.

Word on the street is that 2011 is so last year. It has been status galore with dedications to an amazing 2011 (me included) or the alternative "do one 2011". People have been standing in doorways, checking their watches and tutting while 2011 packs his lonely bags, and before he's even had a chance to watch Jools Holland bust out a piano solo, 2012 has face palmed 2011, sat down on his couch, hand in pants with a bag of nachos with an arm round 2011's better half.

2012 shouts:

''get a beer love, the fireworks are about to start"

2011 leaves in the pouring rain while All by Myself plays softly in the background.

"...When I was young,
I never needed anyone..."

I did watch the fireworks as it goes and watched as millions of pounds burst into flames and smoke! I think a better start to the year would have been putting that money into something that actually counts. Here goes a "world peace" speech but as pretty as they were that money could have been put to much better use. For example, it could have gone to Davina's charity for the Ch4 Mash Up's Million Pound Drop. Her final question was:

"Which age group had the most babies in 2010, 29 and under or 30 and over"

Davina's remaining £50,000 pounds went down the 30 and over shoot as she ignored Jeremy Kyle's famous words of advice to every male aged 29 and under...


I also watched the new live TV show The Bank Job, where George Lamb gets a buff looking man to put those muscles to good use by opening tiny boxes containing various amounts of cash. I'm not sure what the purpose of it being live or set in a real bank was. It wasn't realistic really, there was not a long queue of people looking at a screen waiting for the pre-recorded voice of "Window number 7 please" to speak, and no old dear staring blankly at envelopes only to find she's forgotten who the letter was for.

Back to New Year...another aspect of the New Year is the resolutions...
I don't think I've ever made one, not because I don't believe I can't improve but because it's effort thinking of any particular thing to do. In all honesty I have no preconceptions of what I think 2012 will hold, for now I shall simply try my best in what is a very unpredictable world.

I shall return shortly with a new blog but right now 2012 is demanding a six pack of beer for his back to back Top Gear episodes.

Untill next time...

Toodle Pip x

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